How To Use Crystals | Quartz Benefits and Healing

Crystals emit energy. Like humans, different crystals emit different energetic frequencies. Energy is scientific reaction that occurs between two elements. It's not just a spiritual, New Age idea. 

Using crystals to heal or assist the body begins on a basic cellular level. Quartz for example, emits a frequency reacts with our bodies and raises our energetic vibration. Clear Quartz was believed to be a source of energy since the ancient times (they didn't have Adderall back then... and they BUILT those pyramids)

My favorite benefit of quartz is that it deflects Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) from things like cell phones, microwaves and X-Ray machines that can harm the body. Wearing a Quartz crystal around your neck or close to your head, helps to deflect the EMFs away from your cells. 

How To Start Using Crystals For Healing


Set an intention for the crystal or stone you are using for a particular healing benefit. This can look different for everyone. The most important thing is that you take a minute to focus your thoughts on the crystal and how you want it to help you. Start with one direct conscious thought.  Sit with the crystal on your body or in your hand for a minute or so, and visualize the crystal filling with light and getting brighter. If visualizing this is hard- hold it in the will literally fill with light. 


Wearing Quartz jewelry is an easy and beautiful way to benefit from the inherent energetic frequency within the crystal.  

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