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Perfect stacking bracelets in sterling silver, rose gold and yellow gold. These mixed metal beauties have a hammered texture that's inspired by the moon and they shimmer in the light. They go with everything.  Wear one \ or stack as many as you can. You will feel happy every time you look at your wrists.

Add crystals or stones that emit positive energy to enhance your overall state of well-being. 

 Healing Benefits | Crystal Charms 

Labradorite  Transformation. It gives you strength and perseverance in tough times and change. It encourages trust in yourself, your intuition and in the universe. It helps with focus, calming the mind and strengthens intuition. 

Chrysoprase ⟁ Happiness and joy. It supports the heart chakra, self love and love of others. It encourages forgiveness and letting-go of what doesn't serve you.  The inherent vibrational frequency in chrysoprase emits healing qualities that help with anxiety. 

Herkimer Diamond  Raises the frequency of your energetic vibration, supporting your body on a cellular level. They deflect free radicals and harmful electromagnetic frequencies and attract angelic energies and higher guides into your space.

Quartz ⟁ Embodies power, energy, and clarity. Boosts physical energy, and stimulates the immune system. Promotes balance in the body and harmonizes the Chakras.