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As if rainbows could possibly evoke more joy then they already do; hear this: in their full expression, rainbows are A COMPLETE CIRCLE 

Their fullness can only be witnessed from above. So next time you're in the sky; be that in a plane, a hot air balloon or practicing your astral projection~ be on the lookout.

(moment of pause to imagine being in a hot air balloon above a rainbow circle)

Let these BABY RAINBOWS stud earrings be a loving reminder;  perception is              e v e r y t h i n g. Even the smallest reframe in perception can make a thing an entirely different thing~ such as a circular rainbow.

 ⍛ These are solid, hypoallergenic sterling silver, set with tiny micro pave spinel gemstones.  To my "gold only" people, you can still delight in these. The silver is presents diamond-like, and the warm tones of the spinel compliment mixed and tri-metal with ease ⍛