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Each hand hammered imprint is a mirror for the sun;  beaming little prisms and angelic vibes around you. 

 Naturally antimicrobial and individually made by hand, Finger Halos are the perfect hand adornments. I love the simplicity of wearing only one and they elevate the rings you're already wearing. The gold fill wire is the highest quality, so you can wear them all day, everyday.  They won't tarnish or become un-gold no matter how much time you spend in the water.




Try three in mixed metals; in the same size to wear on the finger in the regular spot. Or try three in different sizes, ONE in your normal size to put on top to hold them in place. That way you can wear them on different fingers when your feelin' it. 
please note ⇺
size 4-5 are  common mid finger ring sizes
between 7-8 are common pointer and middle finger sizes