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The hands; 

how we feel, connect, create, heal, express, doors.  We also see our hands more frequently than any other part of our body.  Show your hands (and self) love by adorning them with simple, gleaming finger halos. 


Each is individually created by hand from 14 karat yellow gold fill, rose gold fill and sterling silver. "Fill" means gold- filled with an alloy of pure base metals (copper & brass). The gold is durable enough to withstand a 1400° flame, hammering and polishing. It will not degrade or rub off with wear unlike gold plate or vermeil. You never have to take these off.  

If you like minimalist adornment and understated stacking rings, these are your match.  Wear one or stack them all the way up.


Try three in mixed metals; in the same size to wear on the finger in the regular spot. Or try three in different sizes, ONE in your normal size to put on top to hold them in place. That way you can wear them on different fingers when your feelin' it. 
please note ⇺ size 4-5 is a mid finger ring for most hands