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Major goddess vibes in this ring, made with Cleopatra's favorite and the most coveted gem; the Emerald. This ring is was hand forged from a thick piece of sterling silver and features a faceted green emerald charm encompassed in fine silver.  You can wear this ring with the emerald talisman facing your body or flip it so it drops toward your finger. 

This is the only one made. You will receive this exact ring pictured.


Meaning + Healing Benefits of Emerald

⟁ gem of "Eternal Spring"

⟁ represents friendship and loyalty

⟁ historically used for protection against dark energy + spells

⟁ energizes the throat and heart chakra

⟁ increases mental clarity

⟁ enlivens passion; whether it be with a partner or in your personal life

⟁ promotes equilibrium and balance within the nervous system