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The best gift is one they don't take off. 

Individually handmade love stacks. Halo bracelets come in sterling silver, 14k rose gold and yellow gold fill. The hammered imprints are little mirrors for the light. They go with everything, including other jewels. Wear one or stack them high as you soak in the healing oceans salty goodness and know that your temple ornaments won't tarnish.

Add charms, crystals  and stones that emit ions and radiate love to enhance your overall state of connection and flow. 

 Healing Benefits | Crystal Charms 

Mystical Moons ⟁ tiny crescent moons, hammered in her likeness. 

Labradorite ⟁ Transformation. Self trust, intuition, connection to universe. 

Herkimer Diamond  Raises your energetic frequency;  supporting your temple on a cellular level. They deflect free radicals and harmful electromagnetic frequencies and attract angelic energies and guides into your space.

Quartz ⟁ Embodies power, energy, and clarity. Amplifier of other crystals and chi