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Embark on the alchemical journey of Metalsmithing under the wing of founder and artist, Amanda Gordon. In this transformational offering, you receive a customized kit and 1:1 sessions (available in-person and on zoom) that are tailored to your personal project. You will learn to materialize precious objects, jewelry and artifacts through the elements of metal and fire. Step-by-step, you are guided through techniques that will allow you to continue to build your craft independently. You learn through experience and private access, how to create your own jewelry- which can include learning how to bezel set precious gems and stones, saw out neckpieces and pendants, solder rings or rework heirlooms & broken jewelry.

metal sawing, forging & cold connections |  Cold Connections are techniques for creating and connecting the elements of your piece without the use of a torch for soldering. This workshop includes learning how to saw metal! You are guided through the process to saw out the overall shape of your piece, as well as creating design details in the surface. Methods for forming and shaping your metal (known as forging), different techniques to create texture the surface, metal chasing, imprinting and engraving ornamentation.

KIT CONTENTS  ⟐ high polish anvil, ball peen and planishing hammers (my fave), the best jewelers saw frame & blades, sand paper and metal files, the best hole punch, brass and copper sheet metal, copper wire, round needle nose and flat pliers, the best metal shears, texturing stamps, practice pieces and all materials needed to create your specific piece.

soldering | The Sacred Flame. Learn to solder your metalwork using a torch. You receive the same kit as the sawing, forming and cold connections with the addition of a compact starter soldering kit. This method opens infinite possibilities~ rings, settings for gems, stones and crystals, vessels, melting metal and the list goes on.  You will only need an area of about 2 square feet to safely set-up your soldering tools.  ages 11 and up are welcome 

KIT CONTENTS ⟐ handheld jewelers torch with adjustable flame (the best), solder picks, the best pickle solution, firebrick, the best flux, solder, and tweezers. IE everything you need. 

Wild Tide Workshops & Online Jewelry Making Classes are offered with fully customizable projects ⟐ You have the option to return the tool kit after your workshop and be refunded for the cost of the kit (less a $50 refinishing charge)
Depending on the material and complexity of your project; additional cost or time  may be needed. We discuss this prior to, and you can choose to be billed for extra time/material or modify your project  



 No experience required