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Jewels and underwear?  Yas. Perhaps random, but when I struck this yoni gold I felt the need to share so strongly that I bought literally all of them. I mean, I cannot be the only one out here who experienced the challenge that is finding good cotton underwear, right?  Much less organic cotton, so comfy, flattering, AND feel sexy.

The ORGANIC TANGA has a high cut leg, mid to high-rise (depending on how high you rise them), minimal Brazilian booty coverage in 100% organic cotton rib. I even wear them as a beach bottom because if I must have tan lines, these are the ones. 

There is no elastic, so no digging or unwelcomed squeezing. Organic cotton, comfortable AND hot? Nottt easy to find. Took so much trail and error that  these tangas are a lowkey act of service. You're welcome ♡

True to size and forgiving. Will shrink when dried on high heat, so if that is not your prerogative, dry on low.  CLOUD is a warm, yet the lightest of blue, bone color.