DIY Antiviral Hand Sanitizer Spray All | earthmade, non-toxic & Moisture Restoration

 How To Make Your Own Natural Hand Sanitizer + DIY Antiviral Spray All | Wild Tide Collective

If you're over regular hand sanitizer, have kids and/or are conscious about chemicals and toxins and had about enough of them~ make zees spray. These botanical essential oils are real cootie killers and actually supportive to your system. Your hands may smell a little like a cool grandpa smoking a clove at a rustic Italian pizza shop, but hai...there are worse things. (Like endocrine disrupting chemicals and killing all your good bacteria). 

It also makes a sweet, uplifting gift. 

Glass bottles are definitely best, but I don't have any currently so I repurposed a plastic spray bottle instead of it going into the landfill. 



essential oils 

tea tree: antiviral, antibacterial, anti- basically anything with a bad vibe | 20 drops

grapefruit or another citrus, like lemon or orange: antibacterial, antiviral, uplifting and the scent balances the rest of the oils | 10 drops

oregano: potent antiviral, almost like an antibiotic. Supa strong,  go easy | 5 drops

clove:  antiviral, antibacterial, pathogen eliminator. also strong AF and go easy | 5 drops

rosemary: stress reducer, respiratory support, clarity of mind, my favorite herb |  infinity drops

+ fresh wata 

IF you have isopropyl alcohol and want extra  sanitizing sanity (interesting how closely the words are related) add some for that East meets West blend. I added about 6 capfuls. When I went to my sons school to get his things; they had alllll the commercial hand sanitizer pump bottles! So I even pumped some into my spray bottle and shook it. So, if you want to add that extra kick or make your hand sanitizer last longer, mix them together! 

The mixture isn't as drying, and comes with the benefits that the herbal essential oils provide. It smells quite lovely too. Mist your airspace...inhaling some of the oils is good, (wheras inhaling alcohol & chemicals is not). I mean you don't want to huff a bunch of them, but deep inhales with essential oils in your biome definitely supports the mind, body and spirit.


To restore moisture naturally in your hands and soul, (without chemicals) use Ghee. It is the best moisturizer if ever tried. My hands have been so dry, that they only seem greasy for a few minutes, it soaks in so fast. And in those few minutes, I even welcome the soft greasiness because it just feels so geewwd. I also rub it all over my body when I * HAVE * THE * TIME holy germs, I have the time? YOU have the time? We have the time! Blessings x