About Permanent Jewelry


Experience the fun of Welded Jewelry: no clasp, no closure- just memories immortalized in gold. Weave enchantment into everyday with mystical and intentional adornment. Add unparalleled radiance to your everyday jewelry, with the range of mystical add-ons we offer, such as raw diamonds,  amulets, celestial birthstones, and personalized charms. These adornments imbue each piece with a unique charm, reminding the wearer how treasured they are. 

We use only pure high quality metals for our permanent jewelry, such as 14k Solid Yellow Gold, 18k Solid Gold, Gold-Fill and Sterling Silver. 



Is it really permanent ?

It's as permanent as you want it to be. It's there until you feel complete with it, and you can take it off yourself with wire cutters or sharp scissors. 

What is it?

Understanding Permanent Jewelry: The unique characteristic of this type of jewelry is that it does not have a clasp or closure. Instead, it is micro-welded and customized to the specific measurements of your wrist, ankle or neck. This process is completely pain-free, and once it's on, it will stay there for as long as you want it to!

Where can I get permanent jewelry?

Schedule a visit to the WILD TIDE custom jewelry studio in the heart of old town Lafayette, Colorado in Boulder County, or we can bring our permanent jewelry set up to you!  

Do you do special events?

We love to offer our permanent jewelry pop-up for your upcoming events! Elevate   a variety of occasions and events including birthday parties, holiday parties, bat mitzvahs, VIP shopping experiences, kid’s parties, grand openings, festivals, graduations, bridal showers, bridal party gifts, bachelorette parties and more. Available for events in Boulder, Colorado and nearby areas such as Denver, Aspen, Breckinridge, Vail, Loveland, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs.