Artifacts that embody a primitive healing energy; adornments connect the wearer to
the universe. Elements of fire and water produce bold, yet delicately refined pieces with
an edge. Elements of earth and wind evoke grounding and tribal qualities,
creating pieces of ceremonial artwork.
Metalsmith/Founder Amanda Gordon is inspired by the adornments of ancient civilizations. Energy, music, mysticism, animal medicine and light influence her designs. In a time dominated by machine-made technology, she creates each design by hand. Her jewelry embodies the vitality and energy of the human touch. She transforms nature’s materials into works of art. Once on the body, the art then transforms the wearer – Amanda makes talismanic jewelry that has the power to bring out the spiritual warrior within.
Just as it was for the ancients, the making of ceremonial art is a ritual.
By virtue, her pieces transcend time.
Stones are preferred raw and unpolished. WILD TIDE pieces utilize organic material; such as leather, bone and feathers, all used to manifest the inherent vibrational healing qualities. Amanda hand forges sterling silver, gold, brass and copper;
 mindfully made with ancient techniques and intention for each piece. 

 Delicate, hammered bangles in mixed metals, rose gold, silver and yellow gold rings to stack and light catching necklaces, with signature raw crystal details. Custom wedding bands, engagement rings and other adornments are available upon request.