Amanda Gordon (WILD TIDE) is an up and coming DJ and music producer based in Denver, Colorado. In her live and recorded sets, she layers deep bass, ethereal vocals and ceremonial instruments; making samples and loops from the juiciest moments to weave a hypnotic flow.

the drop, the transitions,
the nectar of the two
is what she mylks for every last drop




The looped and extended edits allow the listener to drop in to a theta brain wave frequency and coherent flow state; transcending linear time. 

Featuring exquisite selections, WILD TIDE music is dripping with tantric bass and mystical harmonies.



 follow @THEWILDTIDE on Soundcloud for your go-to soundtracks to tap into your powrar, drop into your sensual body, your heart, and connect with your spirit. Sonic bassgasms elevate your breathwork, runs, movement practice, road trips, astral projection...experience as an earthling in general.