Healing Jewelry - Wild Tide Collective

Wild Tide designs healing jewelry using crystals, conflict free gemstones and repurposed material. Everything is handmade in the USA , intentionally crafted with positive energy and intentions. The healing properties in each piece informs the design. In alignment with the Wild Tide vision, we are donating 10% of all proceeds to the International Rescue Committee. 

powerful women standing together with full moon on the beach, women unite, strong women, the resistance, resist with love

We need to stand together in Resistance. Human rights are NOT an option. We need to practice empathy, compassion and awareness; these executive actions may not affect you directly, but we stand up for those who are directly affected. We can't stand by any longer and watch the human rights of our neighbors, friends and community members be stripped away. 

 When you shop for gifts, wedding accessories or treat yourself to piece of Wild Tide Healing Jewelry, you will contributing to the relief efforts for the people who need our support right now.