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Expand with me in a one-on-one alchemical coaching through the art of metalsmithing. By learning to create sacred self adornment from the space of heart and intent, your life becomes art.

In our potent chrysalis; you learn the art of metalsmithing through private coaching and creation sessions. You are initiated by the element of metal to reach the ever-expanding dimension just beyond your resistance. Within this transformational container, you embark on a journey of creation, self-healing, expression & empowerment through 1:1 sessions. Offered both in-person and remotely, you actively create on the micro and macro level through relationship with the five elements, materialized in precious metal.  You learn metalsmithing and jewelry making experientially, as a ritual art through which your intention manifests.


Through the microcosm of metalsmithing, you practice creating life from your Yes.  You cultivate pleasure in trusting your sacred No. You unlock your unique magic, as you expand and deepen into your divine nature. You express authentically from your heart, to delight your human experience with vibrancy and trust. In precious metal, you create an adornment of ceremonial art as an emblem of the version of self you are integrating into embodiment. 

Whether you are expanding your personal practice, or creating one for the first time, I support and hold you accountable in uncovering resistance patterns,  reaching new levels of healing, joy, embodiment, expression and actual magic.

In one-on-one integration and optional psychedelic supported breakthrough sessions, you assimilate the rewards of your effort and anchor them into your elevated baseline. From my heart to yours, I offer you council & mentorship from the nectar of my experience. 


$1100 is your deposit only. Full investment depends upon project and container length of your choosing.

Please fill out application and schedule 20 minute discovery call before completing your deposit.