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 ☽  Invite your inner oracle to share their wisdom in these handmade leather &  stone journals    ☾

The Oracle Altar is where you bring your desires into being.  These are so luxurious it's motivating to write in them! Treat yourself (and therefore everyone in your kaleidoscope) because writing makes us better earthlings. These blank journals are mystical for making lists, recipes, morning pages, gratitude journaling,  poems, spells and potions etc.  My bookshelf is dripping with them and it has this exceptionally pleasing, ancient mystical treasure trove aesthetic. I call it my 'Wisdom Library".

The Oracle Altar book is hand cut, painted,  stamped, stoned  & stitched in genuine leather by a small, women-run business in India.  In addition to the exquisite beauty and craftswomanship, they were shipped and packaged with earth conscious biodegradable cardboard.

Cinnamon Cacao- Deep reddish brown maroon, embossed with the Triple Goddess symbol & adorned by Turquoise and Lapis stones. The turquoise is dyed howlite (hense the accessible price point).

Pre Dawn- deepest darkest blue 

Pariba- Vibrant turquoise, the color of the sky right after the sun sets and before it rises

The Oracle Altar books come with a bonus guide for how-to start your writing practice. 

You can have ⍿ do ⍿ be  anything you can imagine. You just have write it down.