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Each hammered imprint is a tiny mirrors for the light, beaming prisms all around you. Naturally antimicrobial and individually handmade, they are available in 14k rose gold, yellow gold fill and sterling silver. You can't go wrong with a stack, and I personally love the simplicity of wearing only one. Wrist Halo stack bracelets compliment jewelry you're already wearing. They won't tarnish or become un-gold when you sweat or soak in the healing goodness of salty water.

Wrist Halos are handmade from sturdy 14 gauge gold fill wire that holds its shape.The gold fill wire is the highest quality, so you can wear them all day everyday. 

The difference between "gold plated" and "gold fill" is that plating is generally 1% or less gold coated on a mix of various metals (that can sometimes be unsavory and cause irritation) versus gold fill, which is 20% solid gold that is "filled" with an alloy of pure copper & brass.

Add charms, crystals  and stones that emit ions and radiate love to elevate your overall flow and support you as your highest self. 

Crystals and Custom Charms 

Mystical Moons ⟁ tiny crescent moons, hammered in her likeness. 

Labradorite ⟁ Transformation. Self trust, intuition, connection to divine intelligence and universal love 

Herkimer Diamond ⟁ the slowest forming crystals known on Earth. They deflect free radicals and EMF's (electromagnetic frequencies) and attract your guides and angelic energies. because of electromagnetism, they support your temple on a cellular level. 

Quartz ⟁ vibrates at an unwavering 32,768 times per second, amplifying the vibrational frequency of humans,  other crystals and chi in general