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Frida commissioned me to make her these.

OK perhaps not literally on this material realm,  but our Queen Kahlo did come through with the clarity in these sculpturesque Chandelier Sound Altarpieces, also known as earrings.  

These are an absolute labor of love ♡ Each element was hand sawn, drilled, filed, textured and refined from solid 14k yellow gold fill. 

✧ WILD TIDE Jewelry is made from the thickest gold fill available which is that of the total weight; 20% is solid gold 

 Solid Gold  FRIDA EARRINGS can be made to order for you personally, and require 4-8 weeks to ship. Select the second option 


what is Gold Filled metal?

Gold Fill is what you want if you aren't getting solid gold. It is 10-20% solid gold that is "filled" with an alloy of pure copper & brass. The difference between "gold plated" and "gold fill" is this:  plating is typically 1%, or even less- solid gold. That is  o n e  percent or less actual gold. And, It's often plated upon a mix of various, unnamed metals that can be unsavory and cause irritation. On the other hand, gold FILL,  is 10-20% solid gold that is "filled" with an alloy of pure copper & brass.

 The 20% gold fill I use is strong enough that I can saw, solder it, hammer it, swim, sleep, sweat and the list goes on... whereas plated can barely survive being worn without the gold saying bye see u never.

This is important loves. Please be aware of the metals you are putting on- and in- your precious temple.