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Herkimer Diamonds   one of the slowest growing crystals, formed under the water of an ancient sea, within fossil pockets of dolomitic limestone, alongside some of the most ancient, earliest living organisms on Earth. Its no wonder why we are utterly, head over heals in love with them. Their formation within this ancient water is what makes them so clear. "Phantoms" are inclusions, dark spots and colored flecks you see inside crystals; in Herkimer Diamonds the phantoms are generally one of 17 minerals that are ONE. BILLION. YEARS. OLD; the most ancient minerals on our planet.  

To wear this little crystal, you invite in the energy of The Origins Of Life. The basic principals of physics that apply to all life, apply here; transferring the energy through the body on a cellular level to elevate your physical vibration. Adjust the barely-there .8mm silver or gold chain so the herkimer diamond rests on your Fifth Chakra; your throat- the center of pranayama, self expression and truth. 



custom length is available at no additional charge- refer to photo with necklace lengths for measurements (max is 18")