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sunrise finger halo ring

each one unique ✺

14k yellow gold filled, wear two facing opposite directions. The negative space between the arches make this ring extra unique and special.

what is gold filled ?

The difference between "gold plated" and "gold fill" is that plating is typically 1% (or even less) solid gold. It's coated on something called "pot-metal" which is a mix of various metals (that can be unsavory and cause irritation) versus gold FILL, which is 10-20% solid gold that is "filled" with an alloy of pure copper & brass.

✧ WILD TIDE Gold Fill is 20%  solid gold ✧ It's strong enough that I can saw, solder it, hammer it, swim, sleep, sweat and the list goes on... whereas plating can barely survive being worn without the gold saying bye see u never.

Sometimes gold is plated over sterling silver, so if you are getting something plated, make sure its over silver! That way when the gold wears off in two seconds, you still have something wearable and non-toxic.