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A Treasure Chest is just what it sounds like. Treat yourself to a flower bath, some cacao or wine and unbox your personal trunk show.  You get to try each piece on, feel how it fits, how it moves, how you feel wearing it.  Treasure Chests are customized to your vision and can include everything from leave-on jewelry like curated stack rings in rose, yellow gold and some moon silver options, Mid-Finger Halos, Origin Necklaces and Wrist Halos, Gold Nose Hoops, tiny stud earrings, and one-of-a-kind pieces.

++important notes++  the "purchase" of this item is the deposit only, not the entire Treasure Chest. The deposit goes in full toward what you choose to keep.  (Each piece will be marked separately with its price) 

When your return is received, you get your deposit back (less shipping & handling) if you didn't find The Ones. Your order includes a prepaid shipping return label to send back what you don't keep with ease. Respond to your order confirmation with any special requests or pieces you want to try.

your credit card will be held for incidentals incase you keep all the treasures and disappear out to sea.