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This shoulder adornment will be your power piece. Like ceremonial regalia, when you put this on you'll feel a shift within.
A natural quartz hangs over your throat chakra to support your highest self expression and truth. Amethyst, turquoise, labradorite, moonstone (and others) can be used in your piece instead of quartz.
Mindfully crafted for movement;  twirl and throw ya hands up all you want and this will stay in place. Wear this anytime you want to evoke the goddess power.  Designed for performances, dance costumes, Burning Man, festivals and JUST CUZ.
Pair with a basic tee and your most basic leggings and you are anything but basic.
Good things come to those who wait; please allow 2-4 weeks to ship. Each piece takes time as it is individually crafted for y o u.  (Can be expedited upon request). A deposit of half can be made to start and the balance due before shipping. Please fill out contact form with your name, number or email so you can be properly invoiced if that is your preference. Crystal, color and metals are customizable. Price will vary depending on what materials you choose.